What is m-commerce and what are its types?

What is m-commerce and what are its types?

M-commerce or the mobile commerce is all about using a handy device like mobile phone to make purchases and do online transactions. In m-commerce your device is used for buying and purchasing or to make payments via some device compatible applications, in other words you can say your mobile works as an ATM or like a bank, a bank which you can carry in your pocket. It can be used for various purposes such as to buy a cup of coffee or a train ticket depending upon one’s need

The different forms of mobile commerce are:

Online mobile shopping: In these one can compare different shopping websites or can buy something online using  mobile by using internet based applications or browsers.

Mobile banking: These enables user to interact with the bank and maintaining the account all the actions which are done offline by visiting the bank can be done online very easily without going to bank only by help of mobile device

Mobile e-wallet: In these the mobile device is used to make payment by the help of respective cards issued by bank with a unique card number and cvv number, the card can be any debit/credit card like visa card, rupay card etc.

Mobile POS: Mobile POS or point of sale is the new trend in which specialized card swiping machines it gives you convenience to use your mobile device used to collect payment from a credit card

Mobile commerce requires only a wireless connection or an active internet connection to work properly.

With the advancement in technology Smartphone’s and tablets are becoming smarter, giving users increased capabilities and greater reach to accomplish tasks and communicate. These technologies are no longer just luxuries communication devices, but essential tools to improving business performance and giving customers greater convenience and confidence in products and services.

The uses for smart phones are growing and improving at an almost dizzying rate. From Internet browsing, online banking, social networking, research, shopping and more, mobile apps are playing a big role in engaging people with services and each other. And thus mobile commerce is gaining its popularity and holds its future.

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