Domain & Hosting

What is Domain Name?

There are several features to look into if you want to have your own website. One of the features is domain name hosting. A domain name is actually an alphabetical address of your website that people can recognize and use to call your website on the World Wide Web. Although your website will have a numerical address that aids other computers to find your web server, using a numerical address would be not easy for the average person and that’s why you need to have a domain name in the proper format you can also opt for another suffix instead of the suffix ‘.com’ For example, ‘.net’ or ‘.org’ or ‘.biz’.


What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting is simply a way for individuals and businesses to store digital media (websites etc.) on the Internet for others to access. This giant storage feature normally comes at a cost owing to the services it offers but in some cases (normally non-business or commercial), they can be provided free.
Selecting a correct domain name is extremely important, as it becomes the characterizing and recognizing component of your website. At the same time it can attract and create attention for people on the internet to visit your website. It makes a favourable impression and also serves as a one-word introduction of your website.

Alluring domain names are sold out quickly as hot cakes, and that’s why you have to grab the one of your selection. This is better to buy domain name with diverse suffixes. For example if you buy any domain name with .com suffix then you have to buy .net extension of same domain name, otherwise someone else may buy that and your website can be confused with the other one.

The two most essential things that you need to check when it comes to the kind of service being provided are the disk space and bandwidth. Always make sure that the amount of disk space that you get is enough to hold all your web pages and files in whatever format you like to be it video, MP3, etc. note that these formats uses a lot of bandwidth so the amount of bandwidth should also be a factor. There are other service providers who provide unlimited bandwidth, but this is you to measure on the right type of service that you desire as per your website requirements.

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